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What you need to know about moving.

Since I am still recovering from my Matzo coma, I asked one of the best movers I know, J.D. Carton & Son, Inc., Agents for Allied Van Lines, to help me with the material for this month’s email. In a spirited session yesterday in their “war room,” where they normally debate cutting edge moving issues like…why does the total amount of tape in a 3 pack of mover’s tape contain less tape then one roll of packing tape from Staples?…, the Carton gang came clean on the dirty little secrets about the moving industry that can help you save time and money on your move.

First (and, actually Fifth too): Book your move early. Moving is a supply and demand industry much like hotels and airfares. The moving companies adjust their prices based on filling their trucks and keeping their employees busy. Secret: If you can book 4 weeks prior to your moving date, you can save 10-20% on the cost of your move!

Second: If you can schedule your move for a Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday, which are traditionally the slowest days in the business and your move is a local one, the cost will be lower. Secret: Booking early in the week can also save you 10% on the cost of your move!

Third: Accurately estimate the contents of your home when getting an over the phone estimate from a moving company. In your inventory, make sure that you include all furniture, TVs, boxes, etc. Secret: The quotes are guaranteed provided that your information is accurate. If you fail to disclose items (whether accidentally or otherwise) your costs can increase significantly (i.e. nobody is throwing in the cost of moving your Baby Grand due to an “oversight!”).

Fourth: Stick with the major moving companies such as Allied, Mayflower, North American and United. These companies have the most resources to get your job completed using the highest quality movers. Secret: Using a major moving company provides peace of mind with a company that stands behind the move in the unlikely event that your great-grandmother’s ugly, antique vase gets “damaged.”

Fifth: Again….book early. The summer months have a limited number of moving trucks available. They fill up fast and may not be available when you would like to move. Secret: To guarantee a date, set it with your moving company as soon as you can.

For other great moving tips, and more importantly, for an experienced, knowledgeable and responsible mover in the Tri-State area, contact Brian Carton of J.D. Carton & Son, Inc., an Allied Agent, at (732) 800-1157 or at [email protected].

With that, I will be Moving Along until next month!