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Loans for the Self Employed

Our streamlined approval process for self-employed home loans is designed specifically for entrepreneurs, professionals and high commission earners. We recognize that the self-employed have traditionally faced greater scrutiny in qualifying for mortgage financing. That’s why Classic Mortgage has streamlined the mortgage approval process to ensure our self-employed customers receive the respect and credit they deserve when applying for a mortgage.
Choose a Specialist

A Classic Mortgage self employed home loans specialist will brings wealth of knowledge not readily available to general mortgage brokers – including familiarity with business classifications. Among the many loan opportunities available for the self-employed borrower is the Stated Income Loan, also known as the No Income Verification Loan. Other programs include the No Doc loan and many additional hybrid options that vary in effectiveness depending on your situation.

It is our job to help you select the best program for your situation based on loan size, loan to value, credit situation, asset quality, employment status and other factors. The role of the specialist is to review the borrower’s individual financial profile. The process need not be burdensome or time consuming. Let Classic evaluate your situation and then customize a selection of options that can help you to finance even up to 100% of the purchase price!

Let Classic Mortgage help you get the loan you need

Many self-employed people have had difficulty obtaining a home mortgage loan for a variety of reasons. One major obstacle is the need to document income and employment through personal and business tax returns. Whether you have good credit or bad credit, being self-employed brings its own unique challenges when working with a traditional bank or conventional mortgage lender. That is why working with a specialist makes sense. Classic Mortgage helps you to navigate though the process, and then helps you to select the best program for your circumstances. Most importantly, he will ensure that the process is hassle-free so you can concentrate on your business, and not the business of getting the mortgage.

Classic Mortgage has helped many self-employed professionals obtain low rate self employed home loans for a new purchase, refinance or cash out. Whatever the situation, there are a wide variety of special programs that can be tailored to fit the individual requirements of the self-employed borrower. All you have to do is call Classic at 888-864-3856 and ask!