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Thinking about getting a mortgage?

The task of getting a mortgage loan can be difficult. It is helpful to see an overview of the process. A mortgage broker can be a useful guide through this process, even before the search for a house begins. The mortgage broker takes you through the four basic phases from the preliminary decisions through the final loan funding. Let’s take a closer look at these steps:
Preliminary Decisions
  • First, working with you, we will determine what type of loan will benefit you most. Based on factors such as your employment history, income and debts, and credit history, we can decide the general amount that a lender would loan you and how large of a payment you could make. We will also consider the best terms available and the legal ramifications of ownership.
  • Next, we will gather and review the necessary information (such as residence and employment history, assets, etc.) and run a credit score in order to give you a Pre-Qualification Letter. This letter tells the seller that you are a viable buyer. Now you are ready to look for the home that best fits all your needs.
Loan Application
  • Now that you have found the house you want, made an offer, and the seller has accepted your offer, the next step is the loan application. You have already gathered much of the necessary information. You may fill out the form on this website, and we will arrange for an appraisal when appropriate.
Loan Funding
  • Once your loan is approved, the realty agents of both the buyer and seller will agree on an escrow/title company to serve as an agent in handling the loan closing process. We’ll coordinate with the escrow agent to help make sure that your lender has all the paperwork they need in order to facilitate this final step. The final stage of the closing process will require your signature on the formal loan papers. The escrow agent will arrange this and then the loan and the house is yours!

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